Corporate Social Responsibility

Child at Street 11 children have benefited immensely from corporate donors whose donations have helped the Centre cover its operating expenses. Companies can also consider following the lead set by the some of these companies:

Our Partners

Woh Hup

Donated funds as well as built a pond and a tree house which the children in the Centre use for outdoor learning explorations.

Wellington Management

Donated funds for 3 years to the Centre to pay for a fund raiser who can help the Centre with financial sustainability and growth in enrollment plans.

Cromwell REIT

Donated not just funds but invited the Centre’s children to be part of the Singapore Exchange market open ceremony.

Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley adopted the Centre as its charity project for 2 years and during this period raised funds to pay for an extensive renovation project of the Centre. It had also run a weekly reading programme for children in the Centre.

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Voices from The Parents

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