Our Teachers

Staff at Child at Street 11 are trained and caring professionals who go the extra mile for each child in the Centre. Both teaching and non-teaching staff attend continuous professional development courses and have played major roles in helping the Centre attain a 3-year license for operations and a 6-year, SPARK Assessment from the industry regulators, ECDA.

Teaching Staff

Rabiyah Hassan

Rabiyah Hassan has been with Child at Street 11 from June 2015. Currently a Lead Professional in the Centre’s Infant Care Centre, she is a firm believer in building her knowledge in early childhood. She is a qualified infant care teacher and has a Diploma in Early Childcare and Education from the SEED Institute. She has a Diploma in Production Technology from the German Singapore Institute.

Naik Sherry Louise Docdoc

Naik Sherry Louise Docdoc, who holds a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education from the Philippine Normal University, joined the Centre in June 2014. As a Lead Professional, she has led many in-depth and long-term investigative projects with children aged 2 to 6 years old. In 2018, she led her group of 10 graduating Kindergarten 2 children who wrote letters which they will open in the Year 2065, when Singapore turns 100. The letters were placed by Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in a time capsule that is buried near the Kebun Baru Community Club.

Ling Shu Yu Janelle

Ling Shu Yu Janelle joined the Centre in June 2018. She has two Diploma qualifications - Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education – Teaching from the SEED Institute and a Diploma in Business Administration (Retail) from Singapore Polytechnic. Key to Successful Classroom Management by National Institute of Early Childhood Development. A keen learner, Janelle has acquired from courses such as Fun Elements of Art in Chinese Language (by Art Loft) and Secrets of Paper, organised by Reggio Children in Italy.

Khong Kam Har

Khong Kam Har has been with the Centre since April 2012 and as a cook, she brings value to the Centre’s educational belief that children are explorers and conquerors. And this belief applies to food as well as children are encouraged to eat different types of food and fruits. She just doesn’t cook nutritious meals; she understands the need to pay attention to the fine aesthetic details of meal preparations.

Voices from The Parents

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