Infant Care

Infant Care Services

Age Group Teacher : Infant Ratio
2 months to 17 months old 1 Teacher to 5 Infants

As infants have different rhythms in waking, sleeping and playing, programmes are tailored to suit each infants’ flow of activities for the day. Along with healthy servings of milk, fruits, vegetables and snacks, infants have a day packed with meaningful experiences that meet each child’s interests, capabilities and strengths.  

Encouraging an infant to play with ice cubes, jelly and clay or watch particles of falling sand are part of an educator’s role in creating learning possibilities in a warm and inviting social and emotional environment. An infant grows in a space that strengthens a child’s  sense of belonging, facilitates language development and sharpen problem solving skills. More importantly, each child builds a strong and healthy relationship with adults and other infants.

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