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Professionals who bring with them their skills in story telling or physiotherapy or approaches in psychology can make a difference to children’s and parents ‘lives.  A medical practitioner or an auditor or an educator with a degree in pedagogy can help children be happy learners. These professionals will add value to children’s learning in the Centre. 

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A top flamenco maestro like Antonio Vargas and his wife Daphne Huang together with another professional Kahchun Wong who is an orchestra conductor have worked with children on projects that have led to presentations and performances on a national stage.

Schools like the United World College of South East Asia (UWCSEA) have had an education partnership with the Centre for over 18 years. Students from the College visit the Centre once a week to interact with and create learning possibilities. Children from the Centre also visit the kindergarten classes in UWCSEA once a year and host a visit from the international school in the Centre.

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